Welcome To The World Of Millinery

The Tale Of A Passionate Milliner – I’ve been making hats for the past eight years, and have seen my work evolve from very simple designs to more elaborate, intricate pieces. I come from a family of artisans. My grandparents on both sides of my family worked in the fields of catboat building, interior decorating, furniture and dressmaking. I guess I have had a love for all these things! Perhaps not so much the catboats, but certainly I had a keen interest in anything to do with decorating, textiles, fashion, design, and art.

How Did I Discover this “passion”? My interest in hat-making began several years ago during the time of the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton (the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge). There were several celebrations that were leading up to, and on the day of the royal wedding. And some of the events required hats! Several friends asked me if I would embellish hats for them to wear, and so I did! It was quite a success and following that I was asked to exhibit some of my hats in a few boutiques in the Cayman Islands.

The Training

After working with pre-made basic hats for a few months, I felt a strong fascination to master the art of making hats – from conception to production. So I did some research and decided to do my training in England, with a lovely lady by the name of Helen Richardson, from the Wombourne School of Millinery. I received great in-depth personalized instruction from her studio in Shropshire, England.

Practice Leads To Perfection!

I continue my training yearly in England and France, with other accomplished milliners. Some of twhom include Rose Cory (hat-maker to the Queen Mother), Dillon Wallwork (previously with Stephen Jones – milliner of Princess Diana), Bridget Bailey, and Tracy Chaplin. My knowledge in millinery increases as I am challenged to rise above what I have learnt in previous years. As with learning any form of art, one needs to take the basics and run with it. I practice diligently as well as experiment, and aspire to create truly unusual pieces even to the level of accomplished milliners, such as Phillip Treacy.

Do You Aspire To Learn The Art Of Hat Making?

For those who wish to participate in my workshops at Laura Anderton Millinery, please keep checking the dates here on the website under Workshops. Private workshops are available, please contact me to book classes. I will be conducting at least four workshops every year. Also, I am available on email or by phone, should you have any questions regarding orders, shipping or purchasing any hats that you view on the gallery.
My very best to you!
Laura Anderton