My Client Testimonials!

For a reluctant hat wearer, Laura has made me three beautiful and very different hats – each perfectly suited to my dress but more importantly to me. I’m hoping there might be a number four! Laura is not only a very creative designer, but a perfectionist. He hats are stunning. She operates in a calm, confident manner, reading her clients as she works with them…they are truly bespoke.
What an experience to work with Laura through the possibilities and together refine a design which she is able to bring to life. It is so much more than just “getting a hat”… she is an amazing lady.
Valerie Anderson - Cayman Islands

Hat was a huge success!!!

Lauren Nelson, Cayman Islands

Dear Laura,
I wanted to thank you for the lovely hat you made for me. I realise that you must be very busy and I feel extremely grateful and happy that you took the time to make me a lovely hat. I’m impatiently waiting for warm weather now.
Yours Truly,
Margaux" (Paris, France)

Dear Laura,
Thank you so much for the beautiful hat and fascinator – your work is stunning and I am very proud to wear your designs!
Tami Maines, Cayman Islands, New York

Laura…I received so many compliments on my  hat – so all credit to you…and still believe my hat is one of your best!

Rolene Green, Cayman Islands